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Theory Test Modules

List of theory test modules continued

MOTORWAY RULES: Speed limits, lane discipline, stopping, lighting, parking

An example question might be: What is the speed limit for cars in the centre lane of a motorway?

RULES OF THE ROAD: Speed limits, lane discipline, parking, lighting

Example question: Apart from pedestrians, who should you be particularly aware of at a toucan crossing?

ROAD AND TRAFFIC SIGNS: Road signs, speed limits, road markings, regulations

An example might be: What shape are signs giving orders?

DOCUMENTS: Licences, Insurance, MoT certificates

A sample question may be: How long is an MoT certificate valid for?

ACCIDENTS: First aid, warning devices, reporting procedures, safety regulations

An example might be: At a collision, a casualty appears to have a back injury - what should you do?

VEHICLE LOADING: Stability, towing other vehicles

An example question might be: If a trailer that you are towing snakes or swerves what should you do?

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