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Free Theory Test Tuition

To help you get ready for your theory test you can access our free theory test online. Just like the real test our free theory test contains 50 questions, and if you give the wrong answer, the correct answer is indicated for you. Your driving school may also offer theory tuition.



Most people find that the easiest way to learn for the theory test is by completing practice tests online. However, it can also be helpful to use other books and dvds, particularly ones that will give you more background knowledge. It's also very important to practice for the Hazard Perception test as you will need to pass both parts of the test at the same time to be awarded a pass.

Featured Theory Test Resources

Our top recommendation in 2020 is Driving Test Success All Tests by Focus Multimedia. Contains all the official questions and lotsof useful information for theory, hazard and practical tests.

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Todays Free Theory Test Sample Question:

Rear foglights should be used when visibility falls below:

10 metres
50 metres
100 metres
1000 metres

Answer = 100 metres


Free Theory Test Questions

How can I access free theory test questions?
Simple just register here and your password will be sent to you straight away and you'll be able to access our free theory test questions instantly

How many test questions are there?
The official theory test for cars question bank has over 900 questions. You will get 50 theory questions on your test.

What is the pass mark?
The pass mark is 43 out of 50 questions

What is the theory test pass rate?
The pass rate stands at around 50%

How do I book the theory test?
Go to the official website at Gov.UK

What happens if I pass the the questions but fail the hazard perception test?
At present you have to pass both elements at the same time, so will need to retake both even if you pass one.

Where do I take my theory test?
Theory tests are taken at theory test centres. You can find your local centre at the Direct Gov website. Most theory test centres are NOT located at the same address as practical test centres.

How can I learn for the test?
The best way to learn is by taking lots of practice tests. Our Number One recommendation is the ADI Ninja app.

Important Information about booking your theory test

It is in your best interests to book your test at the official website. It is possible to book on third party websites where you may need to pay an administration or registration fee in addition to the DVSA theory test fee. Some of the 3rd party sites offer additional services such as a guaranteed pass scheme.

To book your theory test online you will need your driving licence number and a valid credit or debit card. You cannot book your theory test in person at your local theory test centre. You can usually get a test at about 3 or 4 weeks notice at most centres.

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